Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still rockin' the OHS

Pretty yarn gift wrap idea via Knit Hacker

This morning's workout:

OHS 45#
incline ring push-ups
knee raises

Took a long time. I went pretty slow. But the workout felt good, and it was nice to do a CrossFit-style WOD. I managed the OHS unbroken with the 45# bar and that felt awesome given that I've been feeling low energy and wobbly lately. My shoulders just locked in and everything worked. Can't drop below parallel (or bounce out of it) easily, so I went with third-trimester range-of-motion instead of strict standards, but it was pretty decent.

I can't stress enough how important exercise has been during my pregnancy. Now, nutrition is primary - the benefits of exercise pale in comparison to avoiding grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar and moderating carbs in general. But eating well has given me the energy to WANT to exercise and be active, and that exercise has kept me sane in the midst of some major emotional challenges.

No, I'm not doing CrossFit. I wish I could have. But I had enough years of experience and have done enough reading about this stuff that I had lots of ideas of things to do. I've tried to balance strength work (deadlifts, squats, presses, pull-downs, push-ups, etc.) with some more dynamic movements (kettlebells, some Oly lifting), and round it all out with fun functional stuff, like climbing and hiking (and some cautious snowboarding in the first trimester).

As your body becomes less and less your own, and as people start treating you like an invalid or a fragile flower (ugh), being able to stay active, do some difficult things, and push yourself a little gives you a sense of strength and confidence. I hold myself up straight when I walk - I won't waddle. I won't let people wait on me. I won't let someone give up their seat for me. I'm a strong woman who happens to be making a person too. Sure, I'm often tired and it's hard to take a deep breath. But knowing I can still go into a weight room and knock out some solid overhead squats, something the vast majority of the population can't do, makes me feel good. This is our evolutionary history - we women are meant to be active and strong and healthy, pregnant or not.

The CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games start tomorrow. Looks like it will be an amazing competition this year. There's even an ocean swim for the Open division! Rosanne and Greg are both competing in Masters and I know they're going to do great. Check it out here.

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