Monday, July 18, 2011

Low-carb diet and prostate cancer, plus some bunny pics

I want to start with an important article. People will believe that diet can affect weight, maybe heart disease or diabetes. But for some reason, it's really hard to get anyone in the medical community, or the community at large, to accept that diet can affect the risk and growth of cancer (other than the usual "eat more broccoli" vague nonsense). No, cancer is not "just genetic", and it's not inevitable. Check out this research paper from 2006:

Article: Is there a role for a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet in the management of prostate cancer?

Now I'll move on to the regularly scheduled knitting and furry critters.

Red baby socks: pattern here (Ravelry link), leftover Knitpicks Risata

I got some cute bunny pics yesterday. Greta found my lap quilt and decided to investigate.

Dirk needed to check it out too. Mmm, squishy and foldy.

Greta lost interest and wandered off.

Eventually, so did Dirk. "Hey Dirk!" "What?"

They don't lead exciting lives that anyone should feel compelled to document, but the cuteness gets me reaching for the camera anyway. They do love folding. You should see all the "help" I get when I fold the laundry on the living room floor.


Alex said...

I can't believe how time flies! I am so sad we are missing your shower and missing baby boy's arrival! Sounds likes you're still workin' it and doing awesome!

Amy said...

Thanks, Alex! Sorry you can't make it, but I bet you're excited to get back to VA! We'll take lots of photos, I promise. And I'll probably be bugging you for advice before long.