Friday, July 8, 2011

Good climbing day and a muddy adventure

I had a good climbing day today, nothing too hard but I did easily top out a 5.9+ that I had trouble with last week. So that felt good! I'm so happy that I can still climb and I don't totally suck at it.

I got back to the office and wolfed down my lunch in approximately 30 seconds. I think I could eat another one. This extra 300 calorie nonsense (not that I actually count calories) is a crazy low estimate! Given the incredible shrinking stomach that means I have to forgo my big meals, I could pretty much eat all day long, I think. But I'm a predator, not prey, so I don't want to graze. Just need to do more calorie-dense foods. Coconut milk and avocados, I'm looking at you.

Yesterday we had a bit of an adventure getting home. As a result of some big storms, there were a few mudslides near the burn area that turned the road into a mess that resembled a muddy riverbed.

While I stayed nice and clean in the car, Mike forged ahead to check it out:

Then he took matters into his own hands to clear away some of the larger debris (branches and boulders):

We got through the mess in our lifted truck with its brand-new mud tires and made it home before dark. The bunnies were very relieved to see us. I was very relieved not to have to walk 3 and a half muddy miles uphill in flip flops to get home.

Crews had it mostly cleaned up this morning, so the drive down was fine.

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