Friday, July 29, 2011

Dishcloth knitting

Some car knitting: a patchwork dishcloth. I figured out a pattern based on this photo from Mason Dixon Knitting:

Mine is pretty close, just need to finish that last strip and put a crochet border around the edge. This seems like a good way to use up all my cotton yarn leftovers.

Figuring out a simple pattern from a photo is fun. I've done it before, for an eyelet triangle scarf I saw on Brooklyn Tweed. I doubt I'd think it was fun if I was trying to make up a pattern from a picture of a shaped sweater or a complicated lace shawl. But when you're dealing with simple shapes and stitch patterns, it's a good exercise. I'd love to design more of my own patterns, and this is a good step in self-teaching that skill.

CrossFit Games

Don't forget about the CrossFit Games streaming coverage today! I'm hoping to watch a little before I head out to the climbing gym.

A great tweet, from the famous Drywall on location at the games: "Right now at the HDC, teams of people are moving sandbags to prepare for teams of people moving sandbags."

The sad thing is that I think that sounds really fun. And I'm not alone, because they don't seem to have any trouble finding volunteers for the games!

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