Monday, July 11, 2011

Cute fluffy animals and other links

Some fluffy chicks in a pile:

Not much to write about today. Going through another stretch of being realllly uncomfortable and I'm not making much progress on knitting projects or reading or work or anything. I'm so uncomfortable that attempting to find a position to sit on the couch tires me out. The laundry is backed up, the bunnies' room looks like a cardboard hurricane hit it, and my entire meal planning capability has gone out the window in favor of the "what do we have in the fridge/freezer whose preparation will require me to stand up for the least amount of time" approach. About a third of my calories are now coming from sunflower seeds, cherries, and dark chocolate. Plus things are so squished that I feel a bit like that kid on Malcolm in the Middle who had to take a breath after every word when he talked.

But the good part is that I get a ton of feedback from the little guy as he is ALWAYS moving. Not always kicking or rolling - he also seems to enjoy pressing an elbow/knee/foot/fist/who knows what outward slowly but with a great deal of force. I think he's going to be very strong. Maybe he thinks he's pushing a tiny prowler in there. It's painful but reassuring that there actually is someone in there and he seems to be thriving.

I'll take a cue from his level of activity and try to lift some weights today. Just really light Oly lifts from the hang, I think. Maybe I'll lie down in between reps.


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