Thursday, July 7, 2011

Borrowed smackdowns

I do love to write smackdowns, but there are so many good ones out there on the blogosphere, it sometimes seems a shame to keep reinventing the wheel. So today I have borrowed a few smackdowns. Enjoy, learn something, or feel guilty, whatever is most appropriate.

How just doing it can create some INCREDIBLE test results from Paleo Parents

From the post:

The lesson to be learned here is personal accountability. No one else can force you to do anything you do or do not want to do. If you know what Paleo is, you’re more educated than most on what true health and nutrition is. If you choose to ignore it and eat other items, don’t complain about a lack of support, information, access to the right food – own it. No one will begrudge you saying, “I know Paleo is best, but I would rather have non-Paleo food items and suffer the consequences.” After all, it’s your body – we here in the US (on most days) do after all, have the right to choose what to do with our own bodies.

So, let me be clear here – if you are overweight, unhealthy, suffering from personal ailments that are caused by being overweight and unhealthy – it’s you who can fix it. It’s you who can save yourself. You just have to find the will to want to change your life and then do it. Make a promise to yourself and find the self-respect to stick with it.

I know most of you are saying in your head right now 1) Yea! or 2) but, my thyroid and metabolism don’t function properly; I have PCOS; they bring bagels to work on Friday! Guess what? YOU can help those things. No, not everything can be cured, but even cancer can be seriously improved by Paleo – so tell yourself you deserve health and just do it.

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Women and Muscle from Everyday Paleo
From the post:

In my gym, the girls with the heaviest lifts and the best overall physical capacity are also the girls with bodies that are envied by the rest. I think that most girls who are new to fitness would assume that you can either be strong or you can be cute. I think most men would disagree – at least men with any fitness experience.


Another reason women need to lift weights is to maintain bone density. Any women reading this who are over 40 years old have probably been emphatically prescribed copious amounts of calcium by their doctor. What the doc neglected to consider is the lack of stimulus necessary for your body to use valuable energy to build more bone. Maybe you should drop off a bunch of lumber in your doctor’s yard without mentioning why, and then get mad at him when he doesn’t use it to build a deck. He’s playing the same game with your body. Why would your body assume that you need more bone density if you never bear loads that would necessitate a stronger frame? In reality, if your diet and exercise are on par with the needs of your species you probably don’t need calcium at all.

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Yes, we are smothering our children from Hunt, Gather, Love - brief but thought provoking, and the comments are worth reading too.

And a little humor: This is why we hate vegans from Passive Aggressive Notes


Randy Hauer said...

An interesting and entertaining read about parenting, therapy and happiness.

Amy said...

Randy, that's a great article.