Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Surprise Jacket

I finished knitting and seaming the Baby Surprise Jacket. Now I just need to sew on some buttons. Here it is with some almost-finished booties:

And here's a close-up:

Even Mike, who is very anti-sweater, had to agree that this is a pretty clever design. It was a lot of fun to knit too. I just had to figure out the rather terse written directions in the back of Knitting Workshop, but I just went with what seemed to make sense and tried not to overthink it, and voila! This is a little big and probably won't fit the baby for a while, but it's a long winter, so I think the timing will work out just fine.

I have a lot of finishing to do, including
  • sew buttons on the BSJ
  • sew buttons on the bibs
  • seam the MDK baby kimono
  • finish the laces for the 3rd pair of booties
  • finish the blue wool hat I started ages ago
And still on my to-knit list:
  • another cotton kimono
  • some more burp cloths (probably can't have too many of those)
  • a sweater with the Brooks Farm DK I bought at Estes
  • more hats
  • tiny socks
When I get close to my due date I'm going to do a big photo shoot and post all the things I've made for the little guy. Yes, he is already spoiled. But how often do you get a person that HAS to wear what you knit for him? Oh, I get a little giddy with the power.

Just one link today - the Paleo Parents blog, suggested by Angelo on Latest in Paleo. Check it out!

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