Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today is better

I instructed the bunnies to "be cute" and this is all they gave me. Minutes before this they were snuggling and ear washing and being adorable. But the camera comes out and...icy stares of disapproval.


Okay, today I'm feeling a little better. It seems I go through these cycles where my belly takes a couple of agonizing days to stretch out some more, and then it's stretched and I'm more comfortable for a little while. Yesterday I felt like I just didn't fit in my skin, everything hurt and I couldn't get comfortable no matter what. I was so uncomfortable I didn't even want to knit. I know, SCARY. Today I can actually take a deep breath and sit in a chair. So I guess I need to keep in mind that if I'm getting super uncomfortable, it should get better in a couple of days. I should not panic about the looming months of increasing misery.


I did manage to get myself to the gym yesterday (thanks for the nudge, Laurie!) and did some slow lifting:

5 rounds of:
3 sumo deadlift (65-75-85-95-100#)
5 double kettlebell press 8kg


4 rounds of
10 seated crunch thingies (40-50-60-60#)
10 pull-downs (40-50-60-60#)

Then Laurie showed me some side-laying floor work.

Sumo deadlifts are much more comfortable for me now - I tried regular deadlifts and my belly got in the way and put me in a weird position. But sumo works great because my feet are far apart, which puts the final position of the bar lower.

Today is climbing with the hubby and tomorrow, probably more climbing. Then this weekend I'd like to go hiking and soak up some sunshine.


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