Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A tale of two bunnies

I think Dirk heard somewhere that I posted a pic of ANOTHER bunny doing a toes-together side flop and wanted to show that he could too. I found him enjoying the sun in just that position this morning:

See, I can flop with the best of them!

Don't worry, he has front legs too, he just likes to tuck them under for maximum relaxation. Sometimes Dirk's napping prowess is challenged by too much female attention:

But he held firm to napping position and Greta quickly gave up on him and came to me for attention:
Hi there! Mind if I get a ridiculous amount of fur on your black skirt? Oh, and do you have any treats???

For two bunnies that look so much alike, they are so different. Greta could be special forces, she is so alert. She even sleeps with one eye open. Dirk, on the other hand, could be a Zen master.


I'm not posting about them much, but I'm still doing regular workouts. Strength class twice a week, lifting 1-2 times a week, climbing 2 times a week, an easy hike on the weekend. No metcon. Yesterday included:

25 push-ups
crossover step-ups (for balance, which seems to have abandoned me)
walking lunges (also for balance)
5X5 back squats at 85#
split jerks with just the bar (45#) for speed and coordination

Fun, reasonably mellow (except the back squats were a bit challenging), and a good variety. Today is class, so Chris can do the programming for me.

Why We Get Fat: a review of Gary Taubes' new book by Dr. Michael Eades
READ THIS, and be sure not to miss the great little tidbit at the end of the post.

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