Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The problem with doctors

The problem with doctors is that medicine is more religion than science. That means there is a belief structure and knowledge hierarchy that CANNOT be challenged. And that there are moral implications for challenging it. Science, on the other hand, is all about challenging what you know and trying to get closer to the truth, changing your views based on new evidence and new understandings of how things work. The scientific method is my guiding principle.

No, I am not taking the glucose tolerance test. I am a consumer, an individual with choices. I choose not to take this test based on the risks to me and my baby, the meaninglessness of the result, and the sheer idiocy and inconsistency of the medical recommendations surrounding nutrition. I have done my research, and by that I don't mean I read some magazine article, I mean I delved into the biochemistry and the mechanisms and read hundreds of pages and dozens of explanations on the regulation of insulin. I do not have gestational diabetes. Choosing not to get this test does not put my baby in danger and it does not make me a bad mother. My choice does not give you the right to speak disrespectfully to me. It does not give you the right to dismiss my concerns by saying "actually, you're wrong" without even trying to understand what I'm saying.

Want more info? Here - Robb Wolf has a very good explanation. I tried to suggest a reference, but my doctor let me know in no uncertain terms that she had nothing new to learn, at least not from a moronic baby-hater like me.

I might as well argue with UFO abuctees about alien landings. They already know the truth, and so does my doctor.

My son is going to be strong and smart and healthy, and he's going to go back in there some day and explain it to you.


Eric Walden said...

You strong Mama's are laying down the law! Good for you Amy. You guys have the education and motivation to do it right, and that's great for your little man!

Amy said...

Thanks, Eric. I'm glad to have Alex as a role model.