Friday, May 27, 2011

More about metcons, and Friday links

Wow, I am so tired/sore. Just two FCF metcons this week (done on my own) took a lot out of me. But it's a good reminder about the dangers of doing your own programming. No matter how hard you try, you will avoid certain things and spend too much time on the things you like/are good at. Did I want to do burpees? No. Did they work muscles and test coordination I had forgotten about? Yes. And sure, I'll do kettlebell snatches, but I stop when I get tired and don't work past that point - Wednesday's workout made me keep going. Push jerks when my legs are tired from goblet squats? I wouldn't even think to do that.

The benefits of a "random" programming style like CrossFit promotes are totally overstated. The whole "training for the unknown/unknowable" is kind of silly. But if you don't take it to the extreme, if you still do some periodization and plenty of planned strength training and skill work, the crazy CrossFit metcon really does help to fill in gaps, expose your weaknesses, and keep you motivated.

Metcon workouts are good in moderation, kind of like macadamia nuts. :) If you're doing six of them a week and never doing any strength or skill training, well, you might have fun but you'll probably never recover properly and after a while, you won't see progress. And you're likely to get hurt eventually, or burn out your adrenals. But if you only ever do carefully programmed strength training and never sprint or try to gut through something, well, you'd better be a competitive lifter (i.e., you live and die for lifting, it is Your Sport), because you won't be as well-rounded an athlete and you will probably get kind of bored. At least that's my take on it.

This afternoon I'm checking out a new practice for my ob care - it's actually a group of certified nurse midwives. Fingers crossed it's a big improvement. Even if it's a small improvement, I'm switching. The number of medicine-related rants appearing on the blog in a week is a good barometer for my unhappiness with my own care. And that number has gotten rather high, in case you hadn't noticed. Why fight battles you can't win? And why set yourself up for a stressful birth? I need someone who respects my decisions even if they don't agree with them. And who maybe remembers my name.

I'll leave you with some links for the long weekend. Enjoy the holiday!

Friday Links


Lynn said...

My little sister just had a baby in March at Boulder Community Hospital and used the midwife group that is associated with the hospital along with a doula. She had a great experience. I'm happy to get you more info from her if you're interested.

Amy said...

Lynn - thanks! They're actually the ones I'm talking to today. I really liked the vibe I got from their website, and they're associated with my current practice so it's trivial to switch to them. I'm glad to hear another good story about them.