Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Small knitting

Small Knitting Progress

I made progress this weekend on some small items. They are for a baby that is due a little before mine. But I have a feeling I'll be using these patterns again very soon.

I really should have put a quarter or something there for scale. Trust me, they're little. A handful of yarn goes a long way for baby things. I may have figured out a way to use up my box of leftover sock yarn.

  • And these bunnies from a vintage book illustration (shown on Modern Kiddo) are so sweet:
Aw, bunnies. Probably the only animal that can be cute even AS it's disapproving. Can you imagine how cute they'd be if they could smile like this? I bet they can, they just won't.


Yesterday I did a workout and was lucky enough to have some company. We did deadlifts, dumbbell press, back squats (working extra hard now on balance and keeping that upright position!), and we ended with some light power cleans. She had never done cleans before but caught on to the movement right away. Awesome!

It was a fun time, hope to do it again soon.

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