Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's just five minutes

The third Open Sectionals WOD has been posted, and I'm going to try it tonight. It's:

AMRAP in 5:00:

Squat clean and jerk 165/110#

Yikes, 110# is my clean and jerk MAX. Or was. So I'll be scaling that down quite a bit. CrossFit Mom suggests 65#, but I'm only 18 weeks, so I'd like to do at least 75#. Maybe more, it depends on how I feel. Also not sure if I'll do true squat cleans or power clean and then front squat like they suggest. I'll try a few and see how I feel.

I have been absolutely exhausted lately. I'm sure it's pregnancy/hormone-related, but low motivation at work isn't helping. I might be a little overdue for another day off. I hate using up vacation, but I have to take care of myself, mental health included. If you're thinking I should work out less, my response is that when I feel like a zombie, workouts are the only thing that make me feel more human. So I'm reluctant to give them up. Besides, today's workout is only five minutes!


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