Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love dishcloth cotton

I made these bibs over the weekend (pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting). Just need to add a button on each! Fortunately I have an enormous bag of buttons.

I'll make at least two more bibs, in orange and light gray, to match my set of four burp cloths. With whatever's left over from the cones of Peaches & Creme yarn I bought, I'll make some solid baby kimonos and some stripey bibs and burp cloths and washcloths. And I kind of want to make a bathmat out of a cone of variegated that I bought, but who knows. (Yes, I bought cones of yarn. Mike said it looks like I'm running a sweatshop in the house.)

I love dishcloth cotton. The great things about dishcloth cotton are that 1) it can go through the wash approximately 1 million times, 2) it's cheap, and 3) it's 100% cotton, so it will never be itchy. Oh, and it comes in every color of the rainbow:

And that's only the Peaches & Creme brand. There's also a Sugar and Cream (yes, spelled differently) brand that's sold at Michaels and all the craft store chains, and even Walmart. So if you're in a pinch, it pretty much doesn't matter where you are, you can find some and pick it up for under $2 a ball. It's like yarn crack.

I'll do a decent photo shoot once I finish the whole dishcloth cotton "collection".

I also started a new pair of socks (for me): the very popular Jaywalker pattern from Grumperina (Ravelry link) with some Kroy stripes sock yarn from the stash.

This pattern is much easier than it looks and I love it. I can see how people would want to make many pairs! Great for self-striping/patterning yarn. I think I have more yarn than I'll need to complete the pair, so the rest will go to make some booties.



Lynn said...

The Jaywalker pattern is one of my go-to patterns. Just make sure you try them on as you knit. They have no stretch at all. I ended up ripping out my first one and went up a couple of needle sizes because they wouldn't fit over my heel.

I'm also loving the cotton right now. I'm weaving a baby blanket on my new loom and can't wait to get it off the loom and into the wash. It's going to be so soft and snuggly.

Amy said...

Good to know on the sizing. This yarn is a bit heavy for sock weight, so I'm using my normal size sock needles and it looks pretty big, but I'll keep an eye on the size, especially by the heel.