Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday and Monday workouts

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. I just stayed at home and did laundry and watched it snow outside. (Yep, we still have snow. It's the mountains in Colorado, winter isn't over yet!)


On Friday I did the Open Sectionals WOD#5. My scaled version:

For 20 minutes do:

5 power cleans 65#
10 toes to bar/KTE/knee raises
15 dumbbell thrusters 10#

I got 6 rounds plus 5 cleans, taking a pretty good break between each round. The cleans felt great - every one of them popped right up. The TTB just didn't work out so well in the first round (no good bar, couldn't get a good swing/kip, felt tugging in my abdomen) so for subsequent rounds I switched to knee raises in the Roman chair. The dumbbell thrusters seemed like a reasonable substitute for wall ball. I think I got the spirit of the workout.

I took it very easy over the weekend and then this morning I lifted and climbed. Lifting included: snatch balance, hang squat snatch and hang power snatch, and overhead squats, all with a light weight just to work on technique and warm up the muscles for a subsequent hour of climbing. Climbing went great, I learned some really useful new things from Laurie! And I got a 5.10- without too much trouble.


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Julie Petro said...

I never knew such a thing as the "Abbey Road webcam" existed! That is hilarious. I thought I'd have to wait for a minute or two, at least, before witnessing the idiocy of people stopping traffic to snap their picture.

It was about three seconds, to be exact, and it hasn't stopped yet. Brilliant!