Monday, March 21, 2011

Utah and blankie knitting

I'm at the Sundance Resort in Utah for the week, so I'm relaxing at what I'd like to think of as camp for grown-ups, well, rich grown-ups. This place is amazing. Fortunately the conference I go to every year is being held here (for the second time) so the trip is not on my dime. I'm lucky! I get to renew some professional contacts, get caught up on research in my field, and all in a beautiful and relaxing setting. I have a fair amount of downtime while I'm here, so I brought some travel knitting.

I started the first baby blanket (my own pattern, Blue Sky Alpacas DK organic cotton):

A close-up:

And because I can't just bring one project on a trip, here are some hats being frogged and reknit into other hats. Stay tuned for more on this endeavor.

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