Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Smells
  1. freshly ground coffee
  2. mown grass
  3. woodsmoke
  4. bacon
  5. lavender
  6. lilac
  7. apples
  8. cinnamon
  9. Christmas trees
  10. the ocean
When I first saw this week's Ten on Tuesday topic I was sure I'd skip it. My sense of smell has gotten super strong and has contributed quite a bit to my nausea, so I'm not loving all things olfactory lately. But then I thought how soothing it is now when I walk past the lavender soap in Whole Foods, and I thought, these are supposed to be positive smells and maybe listing them out will actually feel good. And it did. And they are smells I can seek out when everything else is making me queasy.


I decided not to work out yesterday, but I'm planning on the noon strength class today. I wish I could get as excited about working out as I used to, but without the social element, it's just not the same. I need to try to push myself outside my comfort zone and get to know people a little more - maybe then I'll feel more of a sense of belonging and more motivation. But I do enjoy the classes and I always feel better after I go.


The bunnies found my lacrosse ball (no, I don't play, it's for smooshing out sore muscles):

Hmmm...new toy?




Philip said...

OK...the bunnies with the lacrosse ball is not some lame attempt to claim they are playing lacrosse right? Because they are not carrying sticks nor wearing helmets or shin guards.

Amy said...

No, if anything they are playing bunny lacrosse, which just involves rolling the ball around for 20 seconds until you lose interest and wander off.