Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reknit hats

I started with 2 hats that I had made for Mike. Both were made from Brown Sheep cotton wool, which is very soft and warm, but stretches out easily. With the particular styles I made, the hats got too stretched out and Mike didn't wear them anymore. So I recycled them into two new hats! I had some perfectly good yarn tied up in hats that weren't being used, and now I have brand new hats that are usable and that didn't cost me anything in materials.

Here is the first hat:

Here is the second hat:

But here is what makes them special:

Daddy and baby hats! A coordinated set!


Jane said...

Those hats kind of made me teary - so sweet. I guess we know that your baby will always have a warm head.

Philip said...

Have you ever considered a grandfather and grandchild hat combination? I'm just sayin....

Tracy said...

ahhhhh - love it! :)