Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm so excited to finally be able to share some news on the blog. I'm pregnant! Just moving into the second trimester and yesterday I got the word from the doctor that everything seems okay, so I finally feel okay telling the world. It's been difficult not saying anything about it, in person or in writing, because it's consumed my thoughts for the past couple of months. But I've had some losses in the past and didn't want to go through that kind of loss publicly. Hopefully I'm out of the danger zone now.

My first trimester was extremely difficult, sick from week 6 on, with the worst of it (constant nausea) between weeks 7 and 11. It's a little better now and will hopefully keep getting better. In addition, I changed my exercise routine and lost my entire social circle and support system, had to try to fit in with new people and shop for a new gym while explaining to trainers that I couldn't really do all that much. Awkward, and difficult for a high achiever like me. Fortunately, once I found a class that worked for me, it hasn't been that hard to hold back and work out like a pregnant lady and not like a competitive athlete. Well, hard, but you know, doable. I've made a shift to almost all strength training, with very little metabolic conditioning. It's what feels right for now, and metcon is kind of a waste when I can't go that hard anyway. I've focused on slower movements and more control, and my new trainer Chris has been really helpful and encouraging with that. Staying Paleo with tons of food aversions and cravings and crazy hormone levels has been tough. I'll definitely write more blog posts about nutrition and pregnancy because there are surprisingly few resources out there for pregnant Paleo women.

Despite these difficulties, I am thrilled that Mike and I are finally going to have a family. I have a lot I want to write about - I've been saving it up. So get ready for some strong opinions on the medical community, infertility issues, our culture's treatment of pregnancy, and of course nutrition and exercise. Oh, and there might be a few baby sweaters showing up on the blog as well.

Thanks for reading, and I promise not to turn this into one of those awful mommy blogs.


Jane said...

Oh, go ahead an do some awful mommy blogging - you deserve it. As the mother of the mother, I am thrilled!

Philip said...

You and Mike will be excellent parents. When in doubt how to handle a situation with your kid, just think back about how your parents raised you and do the opposite.:)

claudia said...

Congratulations to you both!