Friday, March 18, 2011

Linky Friday

Some thought provokers today:
  • Why Preschool Shouldn't Be Like School from Slate. Helicopter overachiever parents take note. I love when the science backs up my instincts. Let kids be kids.
  • Plagiarize, Plagiarize, Plagiarize... from a 1995 issue of the Columbia Journalism Review. Fascinating perspective on plagiarism. A well-respected professor at an R1 (Research 1) university plagiarized several paragraphs from my master's thesis in an article I came across. I went after him with everything I could muster and guess what happened to him? Nada. Rien. They cloaked it as some kind of buried asterisked retraction or erratum. It still makes me angry that likely no one saw this and he got credit for my words. But I guess I'm not alone in this.
  • Rich Don't Feel Wealthy Unless They Have $7.5 Million from the Consumerist - so how much do I need to retire? Cause I want to feel wealthy.

And some fun ones:

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Bethany said...

Hey Amy! You and Julie inspired me to thanks :) It's so fun to read people's blogs, its such a nice way to keep up with you ladies. Oh...and the other day, I was browsing the CrossFit Journal and found the article that you wrote about Paleo, it was so fun to read it!