Friday, March 11, 2011

Deadlifts and presses

Yesterday's workout:

Warm up:

30 walking lunges

30 KB snatch each arm 8kg
15 KB snatch each arm 12kg

Deadlifts 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Presses 5 x 5 at 55#

20 toes to bar (in sets of 5)

This working out thing is getting kind of hard. I'm only a tiny bit bigger, but I'm so tired! And things just don't work the way they used to. It does get a little boring not being able to push myself and go at high intensity. I always loved the challenge of just going for something, and now I'm always holding back. I get that I need to do that, but I think that pushing my limits was a big part of my motivation, and it's hard to stay motivated without it.

My mantra has just been "maintain strength". I'm not trying to push to new limits or learn new skills, I'm just doing what I can to stay as strong as I can. I'm thinking about adding back in a little moderate metcon just for interest. Maybe some workouts from the CrossFit Mom site.

Today I have my strength class, and I know that we will be doing overhead squats and some hard stuff on the rings, so that makes me happy. Then climbing. And yoga tomorrow morning. And snowshoeing on Sunday. It all sounds like a lot in one week, but I feel better when I'm active and doing something than when I just sit home, and I'm still getting in about two rest days a week. Plus it's a nice variety of intensities and types of exercise.

I get these pregnancy emails with all kinds of "useful" advice, and they've mentioned several times how it's a good idea for pregnant women to exercise. I think that's just great, exercising during pregnancy is a no brainer and I'm thrilled that they're encouraging it. But I also find it hilarious what they suggest as exercise - take a 20 minute walk, go to a prenatal yoga class, go swimming (and they're not talking about timed sprints in the pool, I'm guessing). Those are things I would do to relax! I wonder what they'd say about 175# deadlifts? I think pregnant women need to not be afraid to pick up some heavy weights and do some real exercise, particularly if they're starting out in good shape and are used to this kind of thing. Our culture still has a long way to go to get away from the silly Victorian notion that pregnant women need to be protected and inert. This is a better goal to shoot for:

My friend Alex doing deadhang pull-ups at ??? months. Photo from CrossFit Mom.


Bluescaptain Joe said...

I particularly enjoy how our society treats pregnant women like they're both mentally AND physically handicapped. It's probably bleed-over baby-talk, but a lot of people seem to think that pregnant women are incapable of hearing voices below a certain frequency.

Personally, Amy, I think you need to keep eating. Make sure you eat food, because your body needs food. Also, it's probably wise to sleep, because your body also needs sleep. Another thing to consider is bathing and a variety of other vegetative functions. Also, try not to crap yourself, as this is generally considered unwise even not during pregnancy.

OOOOZY WOOOZY BOOOZY!!! WOOOZY WOOO! (That's my attempt at baby talk.)

Jane said...

Oh, I thought you might have had too much to drink. We know that Amy will take care of herself (and our grandchild/nieceornephew. And do not tease your sister - she's fit. but she may not be patient at this particular time.