Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maple blueberry sausage FTW

Lifted today! Then when I got back to the office I was starving so I downed 1 1/2 maple blueberry chicken sausages and an apple. (re. the sausages: Whole Foods. Try them. Love them.) Tonight it's steak at the Chop House. Mmmmmm.

Today's Workout:

Warm up: jump rope, 20 air squats, 20 KB swings

20 knees to elbows on the rings

snatch 5X3 (5 sets of 3) at 65#

back squat 6X5 (6 sets of 5) at 95#

20 OHS (unbroken) with the bar (45#)

"I for one welcome our new robot overlords"

Yes, Ken Jennings wrote this on the Final Jeopardy screen. Go Watson, and go IBM! What a great feat for AI. As someone in the field, I am very excited about the progress that's been made in the last decade. I mean sure, eventually SkyNet will set off the bombs, but the lead-up to that is going to be really exciting scientifically. Even as the robots try to kill or enslave me, I won't be able to help myself from asking them how he missed that airport question. I mean, Toronto??? Not a U.S. city, Watson. But still, he knew about Itchy and Scratchy, fabulous. Perhaps our robot overlords will have a sense of humor.

Oatmeal scarf

I keep forgetting to take knitting pictures. This weekend I started an oatmeal scarf - plain old garter stitch, back and forth, back and forth. It's been quite soothing, and I actually really like how it's turning out - a warm but lightweight fabric with a simple texture. Great TV knitting. I used some sock yarn in a terra cotta and black twist (it's 75/25 wool/nylon) and size 3 needles, 45 stitches across. I'll knit till I'm out of yarn. It's not going super fast because of the fine gauge, but there is absolutely nothing demanding about it and it looks good, which is just perfect for my winter doldrums.

I know I may seem too chipper for doldrums, but I think that's the maple syrup (SUGAR) in the sausages. Not the most paleo-friendly lunch, but oh so worth it. I realize going for the occasional sugar high is not much different from going for the occasional heroin high, physiologically, but at least it's legal.

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