Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A gift in my inbox

Some days I don't know what to post. And then I get a gift in my inbox:

My parents circa 1974. What a couple of hippies.

I'd make fun of the green hippie dress, but a) this looks like a wedding, so it was probably a bridesmaid dress and not chosen by my mom and b) it looks downright normal next to the plaid pants and pink jacket. There were good things about the 70s, but fashion for men was not one of them.

In this photo, my folks were almost ten years younger than I am now. I make fun, but aren't they adorable?

Accomplishment update: I cleaned off my desk today. A big stack of papers went in the recycling bin, and everything else is orthogonal. Feels good.

Workout update: Day off today. Need to recover.

Knitting update: Oatmeal scarf in progress. Isn't the color great? I may just use up all my sock yarn stash on oatmeal scarves.

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