Friday, January 14, 2011

Work at home day

Yesterday's lunch.

I haven't posted food pics in a while, so I thought I'd share. Center cut pork chop cooked in bacon fat (leftover from breakfast) topped with a reduction, swiss chard, and raw bell peppers. Cooked the pork first, took it out of the pan to rest, cooked the chard in the same pan with some chicken broth, pulled out the chard and reduced the liquid. That's why the reduction is kind of red, from the chard stems.

And yes, those fabulous brown dishes are from the 70s. I don't like them, and some day I want to get real, modern dishes, but Mike fights me on this because he LOVES the 70s. We would have an orange shag-carpeted "conversation pit" in our house if I would let him.

I worked from home yesterday, which gave me a chance to keep an eye on Dirk, who scared the crap out of me the other day by refusing to eat and lying listless and glassy-eyed on the floor. Fortunately, he seems to be back to his usual self, eating everything I put in front of him and begging for more, zooming around, thumping, being ornery, getting into everything, and of course, getting snuggles from his girl:

Working from home is great. I can make myself a nice lunch, hang with the bunnies, get some things done around the house, and often I'm actually more productive than I would be in the office. Yesterday was one of those days, made some good progress on my current project and had some insights that saved me a bunch of time. And on top of it, I feel less stressed because I actually had some time to do laundry and dishes and all that stuff that just doesn't seem high priority when you come home from a long day (and a long commute) but which still needs to get done. Whew.

Some links to get you thinking (and some lighter ones too).

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