Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday lace, lifting, and links

Just over two repeats on the Queen Silvia shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia. (For anyone who is super observant - no, I didn't do the provisional cast on. I have my reasons.) Those weird little bumpy things? Those are called nupps. Mike calls them nubbins. They have become a topic of conversation in our house because at first I was cursing them, and then when I figured out how to make them right, I kept pointing them out to Mike every five minutes. Look! Look at the nupps! Looook!

Other things on the needles:
  • the FGB prize socks (getting closer!)
  • the log cabin blanket (getting huge)
  • an itty bitty gift for a friend who's adding to her family
  • a stripey scarf I started for myself a while ago and kind of forgot about
So there is lots to work on, but I only want to knit fiddly Estonian lace right now. Go figure.

I wore my weightlifting shoes for the first time in 6 weeks yesterday. A strength-only training session (with no sprinting, jumping or other things that require sneakers) was much needed. Seriously, it can't be all power endurance all the time. The hour-long sessions have been wearing on me quite a bit, and I've always preferred a strength bias. I did the workout at the Boulder Rock Club, in a strength class they offer. I'm a member, and I figured it's time for me to start taking advantage of more of what they offer to members - I paid for it after all! I liked the class so much, I'm going back for more on Friday.



Becky said...

Love the nupps!
Care to share your pattern, or where we might find it?!?!?! It is just lovely! :*)
Kindest Regards,
OM girl

Amy said...

The pattern is the Queen Silvia shawl from the book Knitted Lace of Estonia.

Becky said...

Thanks so much for the info!!!
I'm off to find this book...
Kindest Regards,
OM girl