Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Wouldn't Want To Live Without
  1. Good quality food. Sure people can (and often have to) live on beans and rice, but I'm very grateful to have the means to buy and access to high quality proteins and produce. It keeps me healthy and strong and feeling great.
  2. Exercise and sports. A great outlet and a powerful feeling to be able to actually use your body to jump, run, play, and do all the things it was intended to do.
  3. Access to the great outdoors. I would have a very hard time living in an urban area. I consider myself incredibly lucky to live in Colorado, where we have modern convenience and stunning wilderness.
  4. Knitting. A great creative and meditative outlet for me.
  5. Music. A longtime passion that I have been neglecting, music can be a comfort, an inspiration, a way to be alone and a way to bond with other people.
  6. Contact lenses. Sometimes I have to wear my glasses and I hate it. I love the freedom of contacts.
  7. The internet. It is so empowering to be able to find out anything you want to know, and it is the great equalizer - anyone can share what they have with the world.
  8. My iPhone. The internet in my pocket. It is a miraculous communication and information device. It is the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy AND a phone. Amazing.
  9. My Kindle. A great way to reduce clutter and great for travel. A very useful piece of technology.
  10. My kitchen. It's convenient, well equipped, uncluttered, and has high-quality appliances. It makes it easy and enjoyable to cook.
Note: this list was things and was not supposed to include people. Obviously people are before things (a la Suze Orman). And I also think of my bunnies as furry, stupid people, so they are not on the list.

What's in a name?

I'm in the process of starting up an Etsy store to sell some of my knitting, and I'm not sure what I'm going to call it. I was thinking KnitFit, to tie it to this blog (knitfitamy is my ravelry name too). Consistent branding. But I'm not sure, I could go in another direction. Any ideas/feedback?

More of the story

This is a bit embarrassing, and some part of me wants to gloss over it, but I decided that I want to be clear about why I left FCF and have started at ATC. It was not my decision to leave. I was kicked out. I wish I could give a concise reason why I was kicked out, but I can't. It's not all that clear to me. But when someone owns a business, they can make the decisions they think are best and there is no recourse. I put my heart and soul into that place for two and a half years. Not only did I throw myself into training - both the CrossFit and the weightlifting sides, I participated in everything "extracurricular", competed in internal and external CF and weightlifting events, tried to go to a variety of class times so I could get to know all the members, got involved in the nutrition side of things with the Paleo study, and of course, documented every goal, achievement, breakthrough, and disappointment right here in the blog. I've written about 600 posts and most of them say something about my experience at the gym. Clearly it was not something I took lightly.

I never expected to have to say such an abrupt goodbye. When I did my last workout there, I didn't know it would be my last workout. Most people I won't get to say goodbye to. It is heartbreaking. I do like ATC and the coaching and camaraderie there have been great so far. And I kind of like being the strong girl in the gym, though in many ways, the other athletes run circles around me. It feels odd to be the new kid, kind of an outsider, when I have gotten used to the role of old veteran. But everyone has been welcoming, and the skills and fitness base I built are very useful for what I'm doing now. It's fun and challenging and still in the format of strength and power-based group workouts. And the feeling of pressure and competition is gone, completely gone. I'll just try not to get too attached this time, make it just a workout and workout buddies and not such a central part of my life. I learned my lesson the hard way. Committing so fully to something just gives other people the power to hurt you by taking it away.


June said...

Hi Amy! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common right now! We need to catch up...shoot me an email if you get a chance or want to chat, rjshelp@gmail.com or add me on your IM.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays!


claudia said...

Change isn't easy. It will be interesting to see your perspective on this after some time has passed. My suspicion is that even though you didn't initiate this change, it will be a net positive one.

Competition completely gone? You? I'll believe it when I see it. ;-)

My very best wishes for a kick-ass 2011!