Monday, January 24, 2011


Saturday Mike and I took a day trip to Manitou Springs and played tourist. First we rode on the Pike's Peak Cog Railway, which is a special kind of train that goes up really steep terrain. Because it's winter, you don't get to go all the way to the top of Pike's Peak, but it was still fun.

The rock field at the top where we stopped:

And some indication of the grade:

Then we drove about 20 minutes to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. This place is a hidden gem, especially if you never outgrew your dinosaur phase and still think they are awesome (they are).

Here is the head of a 40-foot-long tylosaur, the biggest member of a family of nasty-looking sea monsters called mosasaurs:

There were also two of these giant sea turtle skeletons, which were just as impressive. Husband included for scale:

And Mike made friends with a nice Triceratops replica outside. He's doing the Stephen Colbert buddy pose:

Made it back just in time for a girls' night out (Mike climbed while I was socializing).

Sunday was a great day of snowboarding at Arapahoe Basin - sunny and clear and great riding, except for the last run of the day when I had a dramatic wipeout. All I can say is, helmets are a good thing. Kathunk!

In knitting news, I started a rather ambitious new project from Knitted Lace of Estonia - will try to get some photos soon and tell you all about my nupp drama. Nupps and I were not on good terms at first, but now all is well.

Oh, and while I can plan a day trip with less than 24 hours notice and master complicated lace patterns, I apparently cannot remember to bring my sneakers on one of the two days in the week that I have a workout scheduled. Gah!

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