Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living in the mountains

A cozy fire in the woodstove

Well, no yoga today. I came all prepared but it looks like BRC canceled the one afternoon yoga class they offered. Everything else is at 7PM, which is really tough for me to make, given that it would get me home at 8:30 or even later. If only I lived in town and could go home and then back out again! Someday. Someday we'll sell the house. I'm trying to stay optimistic that springtime will bring buyers. With temperatures hovering around 0 degrees, I have to remember that I'm lucky to have a house, especially one so comfortable. It won't be bleak midwinter forever.

Okay, that was a bit rambling, but that's how my brain is these days. I'm planning a work at home day this week, which should give me a chance to rest up a bit and catch up on some stuff around the house. It's been nonstop activity lately, and I am in need of some downtime.

In the meantime, are you interested in how the cozy woodstove fires like the one above get made? Hint: I have nothing to do with it.

Mike getting some help from Greta and Dirk, Woodstove Inspectors:

Bunnies making a quick exit when they catch me documenting their helpfulness:

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Jane said...

Can Mike build a fire without bunnie assistance?