Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping busy and a new hat for Mike

Today's workout. Did step-ups instead of box jumps.

I'm still trying not to write in too much detail about my training. I'll just say that this strength/power endurance approach is very challenging, mentally and physically, but I am adjusting to it. I'm keeping it to 2 sessions a week for now because it's so much volume. I'm also keeping really busy with other stuff - went climbing Friday, snowshoeing Saturday, and snowboarding yesterday. Tomorrow is an "off" day - I'm going to try a yoga class at the climbing gym. I'm psyched - I'm much leaner, stronger, and more flexible than the last time I did yoga (many years ago) and I think it will be a nice complement to what I'm doing, as long as it's not too advanced for me. I would really like to work on my balance and flexibility.


I spent some time knitting hats this weekend - Mike loves his green hat that I made him so much that he asked that I re-knit some of his other hats in the same style so he can get more use out of them. I did two: a blue one and a tan one. Here is the tan one:

It's made with DK weight yarn, so I doubled it, which makes it quite thick and warm. I don't mind reknitting a hat at all - it goes fast and I'd rather use the yarn for something someone actually wants rather than have my "work of art" sit around going unused. It's not a yarn museum in my house, I want to get use out of the stuff! I want to make one of these hats for myself in a drapier yarn, to make it look girlier. Maybe with a couple of cables or some other embellishment.

I'm also working on the neverending log cabin blanket and the FGB prize socks. And I have a couple of shrugs/small cardigans planned for myself but not started yet.


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