Monday, January 17, 2011

Grass-fed makes a difference

So Mike and I are both very strict Paleo-ers (no cheat meals for us), but by some circumstance, Mike found that cotija cheese that he had in a restaurant didn't make him sick like other dairy. How strange. Why would that be? So like good nerds, we went to Wikipedia:
El Queso Cotija de MontaƱa is a seasonal cheese and is of limited production. Cotija cheese is produced only during the months of July through October because the cows are fed only on the rich grass that grows naturally on the mountains during the raining season, giving the cheese its unique color and flavor.

Yep, it's grass-fed. So we picked some up at Whole Paycheck yesterday and I tried a tiny, tiny amount crumbled on my mini-burgers last night. And I didn't get violently ill! How nice. I may put a little on my salad tonight. I won't make it a regular thing, but it is so nice to have it as a "special treat" option.

Lesson learned: grass-fed makes a difference.

  • Bookshelf porn, a website dedicated to bookshelf photos, via Craftzine
  • Post-apocalyptic diaoramas from Lori Nix, via Craftzine
  • Paleo shepherd's pie from CFSCC (More authentic than the gross legume-based vegan "shepherd's pie" I saw someone getting at the aforementioned Whole Paycheck yesterday. I mean, really, shepherd, lamb, you're missing the point. Call it bean pie. And don't eat it - you'll just get low quality protein and gut irritation.)


Lynn said...

Another great grass-fed cheese is from Ireland. It's called Kerry Gold and it comes in a couple of varieties. I've found it at Sunflower Market and King Soopers.

Amy said...

Awesome! Kerry Gold makes butter too - I've heard great things about it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting! I am still mostly dairy free (cream and butter excepted of course!) but find that small amounts of goat feta are fine for me - maybe goats prefer grass to grains? Plus it's a richly flavored cheese so a little goes a long way.

I'm interested to try this cheese it sorta like queso fresca? Is it a mild flavor?

Amy said...

I think goat dairy is lower in lactose so it tends to cause fewer problems, though more than a bite or two will make me sick.

Cotija doesn't have much flavor at all, other than salt. Saltier and drier/crumblier than queso fresca but similar taste.