Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Squat snatches and some updates

Yesterday's WOD:

Squat snatch
3/2:00 x 8

I used 70#. I was annoyed at first that they had to be squat snatches, but I'm glad I was forced to do that because I need to get more comfortable landing in the squat for heavier weights. It went pretty well overall, and the movement smoothed out in later rounds. One rep was sort of magical - all the timing went just right, the bar flew up without effort, and I landed right in the bottom of the squat. It was like my brain turned off and my body knew what to do. Now if I could just do that all the time... "Shut up brain, or I'll stab you with a q-tip!" Yeah, that's a Homer Simpson quote.


5:00 kettlebell snatch test

I got 111 reps with the 12 kg bell. Not too bad for being a little tired from the first part of the workout.

Sappiness update

No improvement. Things may be getting worse. I'm working from home today and I have the holiday pops channel on. Not only is it not annoying me, I'm singing along to some of it (we covered a lot of this stuff in all my years in choir), and the boys' choir singing O Holy Night totally got to me. I'm getting so soft! Gah! I've also been trying to have serious conversations with the bunnies, like explaining to them why coffee is good or what friendship is. Perhaps a little extra sleep is in order.

Knitting update

A little progress on Xmas projects. As always, my best plans go awry as I continue to add to the list. A last-minute addition was these washcloths, for one of the families we sponsored at work via the Family to Family charity. One of the things on their list was washcloths, so how could I not knit them? Since I don't know the family or their tastes, I held back from my usual bold (garish) color choices and went with a non-offensive blue and cream.

Another finished gift is this triangle scarf. I'm just showing the end here, but it is finished and full-length!

Parent socks are in progress still:

There's another scarf that's about 2/3 done - I'll get a photo of it soon. And everything else is still at the conceptual stage, including some hats, chunky scarves, and knitted ornaments. I'm starting to worry about about running low on time, but it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Why do I insist on knitting all my Christmas gifts? It takes so much time. It would be a lot quicker to just buy something. I actually don't give a lot of gifts. To me, a gift is an important statement, not something you do out of obligation. So I like to give the gift of time, my time spent making something. It feels meaningful to me.

One link today - did you know the Corleone mansion is for sale? Am I the only one who wishes I had an extra $3M sitting around so I could buy it? I would throw some awesome parties at that place.


Anonymous said...

O Holy Night gets me every single time.

Sappiness forth!

Anonymous said...

Amy, my sister and brother in law have this idea where they want to get all the bridesmaids and groomsmen from their wedding to pool money to buy a castle somewhere in Europe...but they probably won't have enough, so I've been getting some of my friends interested. I could add you and Mike to the list if interested....since you want a mansion and all.

Anonymous said...

and this is James Phillips by the way...

Amy said...

Thanks for the ID, James, I was thinking this is the weirdest spam comment I've ever gotten! I would like a castle even more than a mansion.

deanna kayne said...

Hi, I am looking for the pattern for the triangle scarf you made...I used to have it, but lost it...can you email me?