Friday, December 17, 2010

The first batch Xmas knitting

If you go to FCF and you know what's been going on with me, I just want to say thank you for your support. I love you all.

I can't deal with the gritty serious stuff today, so I'll keep it light with knitting and some crafty links.

Gift update

I'm sending out four gifts today, to the in-laws side.

A chunky scarf for my (future) sister-in-law:

A washable wool cap for my brother-in-law:

A textured brown scarf for my father-in-law:

And the triangle scarf you already saw, for my mother-in-law:

All made from stash yarn, since I made this the year of being resourceful. Now I just need to label them, wrap them, write a note, and go to the post office. I have a little more time to get my gifts done for my side of the family, since I'll be going out to visit them two days after Christmas.

When I stack it all up on a pile, it's a lot of knitting! And very squishy. I think the squishiness is my favorite part of finished knitting projects.



Bluescaptain Joe said...

That purple/gray hat of mine that you gave me at Thanksgiving 2007 when I was visiting? Alizon has claimed it as her own. Also, I hung out with my friend Brooke and her cadre of knitters, and all of them were extremely impressed at how many hand-knit objects I was wearing. Apparently, some people don't wear the stuff that they get as gifts! Inconceivable!

rosanne said...

Love, love, love that brown scarf!!