Monday, December 13, 2010

Balancing act

Today's WOD:

5 rounds for time of:

5 power cleans 95#
20 OHWPL 25#

My time: 12:12. The power cleans felt good, but overhead walking plate lunges are tricky for someone with poor balance. So I was SLOW on those. And I'm afraid I used up all my balance snowboarding yesterday. But I guess if you want to get better balance you need to do stuff that requires balance! The good news re. snowboarding is that I actually kind of occasionally look like I know what I'm doing on the slopes now, and I'm also starting to zone out a bit on the easier stuff and really enjoy it. So hooray for sticking with a sport until NOT ONLY does it not make you cry anymore, but you actually have some fun at it.


I got two more gifts finished this weekend and a third started - woo hoo! Progress! So my list looks like this:

Finished (yay!)
  • 2 scarves for in-laws
  • 1 hat
  • Santa hat ornaments for aunts
In progress
  • 2 pairs of parent socks
  • another scarf - chunky so I'm making fast progress
Still at the "yarn stage"
  • another hat or scarf
  • vest for Joe (Joe, you may be getting a swatch and an IOU. Maybe even a tide-you-over chunky hat. But eventually you will have an awesome vest.)
I made so much progress this weekend on my knitting that I no longer feel that I am underwater. I actually think I'll finish, and without using every spare minute for knitting. The hat I made I started Saturday night and finished last night. Hats are great!

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Bluescaptain Joe said...

Don't worry about the vest, Amy. Take all the time you need to on it, or skip it all together. My favorite hat you ever made me is still that brown/green one that is nice and big. I can wear it without messing up my hair, and that is awesome.