Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in Napa

Napa was beautiful! This photo is from Chimney Rock winery. We also visited Clos Pegase and Plumpjack wineries.

Today's WOD:

Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1-1


10 rounds for time of:

10 KB snatch 12 kg
5 ring dips (green band assist)

My time: 9:28.

While in Napa, we dropped in on CrossFit Vallejo. They were so friendly and welcoming! We had a great time. We dropped by for a partner WOD on Wednesday morning. Mike got stuck with me for a partner. Together we did:

400 m run
400 m shared barbell carry 115#
400 m overhead kettlebell carry 24/16 kg
400 m overhead medball carry 20/14#

Took us around 21 minutes. I really struggled with this, but it was pretty easy for Mike! I stayed after a bit to work on light snatches, then they invited us to come to a field trip on Friday. A CrossFit field trip? How could we say no?

Friday morning we met up outside the gym and everyone sipped their coffee and chatted and shifted from foot to foot. We formed a caravan and drove a short distance to an abandoned naval base, where we did a nice long stretching warm-up followed by a quick 12:00 AMRAP of:

5 push-ups
sprint about 150 meters
5 push-ups
5 4-count flutter kicks (owwww I gotta practice these)

(I got 10 rounds.) Then we got to the point of the field trip: the obstacle course!

We did this in teams, untimed. My team was me, Nat, Alice, and Joanna, and we supported each other to make it across the obstacles, one at a time. Fun and teamwork!

Here is the crew, minus Kevin, who was taking the photo.

And one more, an artsy shot:

A big thanks to CrossFit Vallejo for letting us join in the fun and for making us feel incredibly welcome right from the get-go. We'll be back to visit next time we're in the Bay area!

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