Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Team workout

Last night's team workout:

5-person teams

Pick a rowing order, and each person rows 750 m, then each person rows 750 again

At the same time, divide up (however you like):

300 wall ball 20/14# 10' target
250 push-ups
200 power snatch 75/55#
100 pull-ups

Everyone can work at the same time, but only one person per exercise at a given time.

I think it took us around 37 minutes - we finished everything else earlier but were still going on the row. My team was Emily, Derek, Todd, and Alastair. It was a blast! Definitely exhausting, but with enough rest built in (with all the switching exercises) that it was more like interval work. We had kickball music (old school hip hop) that was hilarious and made it more fun. My rows went well, and the rest of it was kind of a hectic blur. It is so much fun working in teams, communicating and strategizing and cheering each other on. And my team was awesome - hard work, quick thinking, and smiles all around.

My plan for yesterday WAS to do the scheduled 12 minute AMRAP WOD at about 80% effort and then lift light. I should have skipped the WOD when I saw it was long/high volume and included snatches. But I just love team workouts so much, and we don't do them very often, so I decided to go for it, then took Randy's advice and skipped the lifting. So I'll be lifting light today and tomorrow, and that's it for the rest of the week. I need to be well rested for the meet Saturday. I hope I didn't mess myself up by going too hard too close to a meet, but mentally, I think I needed last night's workout, to blow off some steam and get myself in a positive frame of mind.


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