Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nothing to report

Today I'm waiting for the evening workout (will give my sore muscles a bit more time to recover!), so nothing to report yet. I do like mixing up my workout schedule. Ideally I'd go to the mid-morning class every day, because that's when I feel best. But I like getting the opportunity to work out with different groups of people. And it keeps me from getting in a rut with my day.

I keep meaning to take a picture of the next Christmas gift I started, the multidirectional scarf. I started it over the weekend, and it's such an addictive pattern, it's almost finished. I've even been knitting it in the car on the way in to work (but not the way home because it's dark). I'm making a colorblock version, because I'm trying to stick to stash yarn for presents this year, rather than ordering a bunch of new yarn like I usually do. But I think it would be very pretty in a variegated yarn. I have my eye on some colorways from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Also, Mike took photos of the weightlifting meet, but we still haven't gotten them off the camera. Soon, I promise!


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Bluescaptain Joe said...

Can the knitfitress post a good paleo beef stew recipe? I just don't trust the rest of the internet.