Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Waking Dirk up from a nap. He looks so cuddly! And those little bunny feet... (Yes, I have another bunny, but she never sits still long enough for a photo.)

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things In Your Freezer Right Now.
  1. blueberries
  2. butter
  3. cod fillets
  4. grass-fed ground beef
  5. grass-fed roasts
  6. chicken breasts
  7. Costco pork chops
  8. Costco filets (yum)
  9. ice packs
  10. ice cubes
I think that's an exhaustive list. Really, I have meat, butter, and blueberries in my freezer. When we were evacuated for the fire, the power was out for a week and we lost pretty much everything that was in the freezer. I replaced the essentials (see above) and didn't bother with anything else. I don't like frozen vegetables or fruit (apart from berries), and I don't like cooked/frozen/thawed meals very much. And I don't eat any prepared foods. So I saw it as an opportunity to simplify.

I used to be one of those people who didn't even know what was in their freezer. Popsicles, 2 year old frozen pizza dough, mystery leftovers, you name it. Consider me reformed.

And yeah, I'm a bit compulsive about my fridge too. One of these days I'll take a picture for you.

Today's WOD:

4 rounds for time of:

50 double unders
25 wallballs 6# ball 10' target.
12 push jerk 55#

My time: 19:07. I hated doing the 6# ball. It felt like cheating. But at least I went fast. Tried to take time to catch my breath on the double unders and had some success with stringing them together. Did the push jerks in 2 sets each round - should have been able to do them unbroken at 55# but my legs just felt like stone.


Another hat for the hats for sailors project. I think I have time to make one more before I send them in. They are so squishy! If I run out of time on Christmas presents, everyone might be getting one of these.

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Jane said...

I really like those hats. I might try to make some, but I promise not to make them for any family members.