Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things To Love About Fall
  1. Apples in season. McIntosh are my favorite, but out West, you can't get 'em, so I settle for Honeycrisp or Gala.
  2. The leaves changing color. The yellow aspens really brighten up the canyons.
  3. The sounds of fall: leaf crunching and the rattling sound of dead leaves swirling in the wind gusts.
  4. The temperature - not too hot, not bone-chilling yet.
  5. The smell - fall smells so good!
  6. Halloween - you get to dress up, and the angle of the moon in late October always gives you that fun, eerie feeling.
  7. Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday too - you can eat turkey, and there are no presents to deal with.
  8. A fire in the woodstove - cozy!
  9. Coffee - I love coffee in any season, but a hot cup of coffee is just the best thing on a crisp fall day.
  10. All things wooly: sweaters, scarves, and hats. When the weather turns cold, people appreciate knitters!
Weightlifting Meet on November 13

On Sunday I signed up for the fall weightlifting meet at Front Range CrossFit. I'll probably have to cut back on my WODs a bit and make sure I'm going to weightlifting club at least 2-3 times a week. I want to have fun and not stress myself out, but I'd also like to hit some new PRs!

Hats for Sailors

I finished a hat for the sailors on the Decatur (see Wendy's post about this effort), but I forgot to get a picture of it, so hopefully I'll remember and include it tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a cool photo of one I lifted off Ravelry.

The pattern is a vintage WWII pattern, which I think is a cool tie to history. Easy and quick, with a nice wide brim and classic good looks. Here is the pattern link and here is the Ravelry page. I may make some more, if I can find some more 100% superwash wool in the stash.

This hat illustrates so many of the things I love about knitting. It's a tie to the past - a pattern that's almost 70 years old and I can just pick it up and follow it. It's a way to give back to the men and women who serve our country, just a small way to express my gratitude to them. It's a simple and fast project that becomes a very useful belonging for someone. And it's one of those cases where the knitting community comes together for a good cause.

By the way, there are other ways to help out with this effort even if you don't knit - they are putting together care packages and lots of other kinds of donations are needed. See here for more details. And if you are a knitter, think about making a hat and sending it in. Hats are fast and you may have the yarn sitting in your stash. Just make sure it's 100% superwash wool so it can handle the elements - acrylic and blends are not fire-safe and non-superwash wool can felt when wet. I also put a Hats for Sailors link in the sidebar.


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