Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Friday

Tiny crochet pumpkin via Craftzine

Today's post is kind of random, so I'll go with a list format.
  1. Had a good weightlifting session yesterday. Worked on clean and jerk up to 95# and it felt like I was moving pretty fast and there were a couple of really solid lifts. Tomorrow's Halloween weightlifting meet is just for fun, but it would be nice to move some heavy weight in costume!
  2. Today is climbing at lunchtime. I had to miss it last Friday because I was feeling sick, so I'm especially excited to go this week.
  3. There's another fire burning in the foothills, this one much closer to town. My house is not in danger but it could be difficult getting home if roads are closed. Reports of likely structure loss already. Bad news! More info available at the Boulder Office of Emergency Management.
  4. In lighter news, I think Michael Kors and Nina Garcia of Project Runway have lost their minds. Only Heidi could see who the winner of this season should have been, and she lost the battle. Actually, I suspect they had marketing on their minds, while Heidi just wanted to reward the creative genius of the designer who was probably my favorite contestant ever. Yes, I'm being deliberately vague, but I don't want to be a spoiler. Let's just say that, while the three finalists are all obviously very talented, there was a clear winner with an awesome collection, and that person did not win. Ugh. Oh, and I don't care how stylish you are, tan underpants as outerwear are not "wearable".
  5. Have a good Halloween, and cross your fingers that they get this fire under control fast.

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