Monday, October 25, 2010

OHS, TTB, fashion, and a moment to be serious

Today's WOD:

10 rounds of:

10 OHS 50#
10 T2B

My time: 19:58. My goal was to do the overhead squats in unbroken sets of 10, and I accomplished that. Also just squeaked in under the 20 minute mark. The toes to bar were HARD, especially the last 4 rounds. My forearms were pumped up like Popeye's! But I got through them, and no rips with my new technique. Still need to refine that, cause now I'm going a little easier on my hands, but my grip strength is the limiting factor, and I'm still not using my core much at all. Not sure what to try next. But overall, very happy with how today went.

A Serious Note

Colleen at 365 Less Things has a son who was in an accident recently, and he just woke up from a coma. Have been holding my breath and even though it will be a hard road of recovery for him, I can't imagine what a relief it is for his family to see him awake again.

Colleen is an inspirational blogger and a great down-to-earth person. She makes miminalism real and accessible and writes beautifully about the many, many reasons that we should all have less crap and be grateful for the important things in our lives. She's on the other side of the world, and I feel like I know her! If you get a chance, head over to her blog to check it out, and while you're there, drop her a note of encouragement.

Links: Fashion Edition

Note: I'm not trying to encourage rash consumerism with these links. One of the great things about having a blog is that you can link to something you like, rather than buy it! Appreciation for aesthetics doesn't require a credit fact, I feel like not spending willy-nilly on clothing helps you develop a better eye for fashion and higher standards for what comes into your closet.

  • Today Elizabeth and I matched in our awesome speed shorts from Lululemon. Love these shorts, they are the most comfortable workout attire EVER. And they will make your butt look like a million bucks.
  • A cute This and That from Oh Joy. Quiksilver makes dresses?! Hooray!
  • A fashion plea to knitters from Claudia (aka the T.J. Maxx rule). Please heed.
  • With the right severe updo and red lipstick, this Glitz dress from ModCloth could be so Blade Runner in a good way:

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