Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fausto and an interview


Yesterday I recorded an interview for CrossFit Radio about the Paleo study article. It ran last night at 7PM Mountain time (at least, that's what they told me, I missed it). It will be posted as Episode #140 on the CrossFit Radio site. It was a lot of fun. Even though I was very nervous and blathered on like an idiot, my interviewer Justin was very skilled, and hopefully I got a couple of remotely coherent points across. I definitely appreciate the opportunity to reach out to the broader CrossFit community. I wish Tim had agreed to do the interview with me because 1) he doesn't get nervous like I do and 2) he has a much better radio voice! But all in all, I think there were no disasters. I withhold final judgment on that until I actually hear it!

Yesterday's WOD: Fausto

5 rounds for time of:

10 pull-ups
15 burpees
20 box jumps 20"
25 wall balls 10#, 10' target

My time: 29:47. The last time I did this workout, which was about a year ago, I got 27:35, but I did 14# wallballs to the 8' target, so it's not a direct comparison. This one takes a lot of mental energy, which I didn't really have yesterday. And stamina, cause it's such a long workout. If I can somehow get better at box jumps, some day, this would go a lot better. They were my biggest time suck. I gotta just do a shorter box for now so that I can learn to string the jumps together. This is a skill that comes so naturally to some people, it is frustrating that I still struggle with it so much!

I definitely feel a bit drained after three tough days, so I decided to skip the WOD today and I will do Oly lifting in the evening. Today will be clean and jerk working up to 80% (90#).


Still no photo of the hat for the hats for sailors project. I got home kinda late, made two different dinners, ate too much too fast, cast on a new sock for a little comfort knitting, and then I was a total loss. So it's a wonder I even changed into my pajamas and made it to bed, let alone remember to take a picture of anything. :)

I wanted to make more of these hats, but I couldn't find any more superwash in my stash, so I ordered some Swish worsted from Knitpicks in three irresistible colors, a vibrant blue heather, a dark gray heather, and a warm brick red. Not sure if this yarn will all turn into hats for sailors - it depends on how soon it arrives. The deadline to send in hats is the end of the month.

Speaking of knitting deadlines, it's that time of year, time to start my holiday knitting. In addition to some other gifty and prize knitting, and some stuff for myself, I have quite the to do list. Don't worry, a long to do list is not stressful when it's knitting! It's just a fun challenge.

My knitting to do list:
  1. Log cabin blanket: deadline uncertain but looming, about 2/3 finished
  2. FGB prize socks: no specific deadline, started last night
  3. Hats for sailors: deadline last week of October, waiting for yarn to arrive
  4. New fall hat for Mike: deadline ASAP (he's impatient), have yarn but haven't cast on
  5. Xmas socks for Mom and Dad: deadline Dec 25, have yarn but haven't cast on
  6. Birthday/Xmas vest for Joe: deadline Dec 25, pattern selected, no yarn yet
  7. In-laws gifts: deadline Dec 25, have a few ideas but nothing concrete
  8. Sweater for me: bought a kit, no deadline, not sure when I'll start it
  9. Lace shawl for me: narrowed down to a couple patterns, have the yarn, no deadline
  10. Fine gauge mohair gathered scarf for me: about half done, no deadline
There are a few other projects in limbo and in the planning stages, but ten seemed like such a nice number for a list, so I made that the cutoff.


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