Friday, October 1, 2010

90 squat snatches

This weekend Rosanne and Tim are competing in the CrossFit/USAW competition in Colorado Springs. I'm holding my breath for them both, but I know they'll do great! Also best of luck to my CrossFit Roots buddies - seasoned competitor Tracy, and June making her competition debut!

You can watch the competition streaming live here.

Yesterday's WOD:

3 rounds for time of:

30 hang squat snatch 40#
30 wallballs 10# 10' target

My time: 17:17. I took the weight WAY down on the snatches because it's 90 SQUAT snatches, HOLY CRAP. That's a lot. I think it would be a lot with the PVC pipe. Combining it with 90 wall balls was challenging. But it was a fun group, we all suffered together, and everyone in the class beat 20 minutes. I feel good cause I got a (reasonably) fast time and I know that I got a full-depth squat on every rep, for both the snatches and the wall balls. Good practice for dropping under the bar!

I stayed for weightlifting, wanted to work on jerks but Randy wisely pointed out that I might be a bit burned out on overhead after that workout. So instead I worked on heavy power cleans from the boxes (knee height), working up to 3 at 90#. Much harder than going from the floor, that momentum really helps you! You have to stay really tight to pull it up off the boxes when it starts to get heavy. And you have to drop fast!

My current maxes for snatch and clean and jerk are 38 kg and 50 kg, but I've never gotten either of those in a meet. So my low bar goal for the meet is to get 38, 50 and match my PRs. My high bar goal is 40, 53. I have some hard work ahead to accomplish that!


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