Monday, October 18, 2010

3/2 Snatches

I knit some hats this weekend. A second watch cap for the hats for sailors project (link in sidebar) and Mike's New Fall Hat (above). Solana from Brooks Farm Yarn in a nice variegated blue/black. (It's a splurge, but you get a ton of yardage and the colorways are so dreamy.) Pattern: 96 sts, 2x2 rib fold-up brim, the rest stockinette with a square decrease top. Here he is modeling it in an iphone self portrait:

So, I already blew my weightlifting program for this week. It's supposed to be a light week, not too much volume with only 75% of my max. But the posted workout today was:

3/2:00 x 8
use 80-85%

I was going to do the workout as a replacement for my snatch Oly lifting day, using 65# since that's my 75%. But I just felt really strong today. I threw 70# on the bar and it felt easy. So I threw 75# on the bar and it still felt easy! Went great - of the 24 reps I only missed one. Not sure how good my form was, but it felt like I was moving fast and getting under the bar. Actually, 75# felt a lot like 65# felt a few months ago. So I went with it and did the whole workout with 75#. No idea if I'm going to be able to push my PR up at the meet, but even if I don't, this does feel like progress.

I'll do my clean and jerk day Wednesday or Thursday, and I'll keep that one lighter. Unless I feel strong again!

After the workout we all decided to run a mile for time. I got 8:30, pretty sure that's the fastest mile I've ever run! Not a time that would impress most people, but I feel pretty proud of it, because I am SO not a runner. Even though the air was kind of cold, I didn't wheeze at all and didn't get any awful stitches. Just tried to focus on staying relaxed, breathing evenly, keeping my torso upright, kicking, and not landing flat-footed or heel striking. I sprinted the last bit and got a little visit from the Lactic Acid Fairy. You know, the one that visits on rowing days? I do not like her.

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rosanne said...

Glad to see you won't be knitting the pumpkin sweaters. Those are awful!

Pili said...

I'm impressed with the run, since it's about forty seconds faster than what I could do!