Thursday, September 30, 2010

Winner of the FGB drawing


The winner of the Fight Gone Bad drawing is Vincent! Vincent, you have won a custom-knitted accessory of your choice. Send me an email to let me know what you'd like!

CrossFit Journal Article

There have been lots of comments on the CrossFit Journal article (here). I'm trying to address as many as I reasonably can, although I'm trying not to get caught up in any Paleo vs. Zone/Whole Foods/Eat Whatever I Want debates. When someone feels that passionately about how they eat, what I say isn't going to change their mind. All I can say is, if you haven't tried something, you don't really know that it does or doesn't work better for you. Also,I'm not responding to anything that's inflammatory or nasty. Ah, the internet. All the world's a critic. But there were some really nice to read comments along with all the criticism. Here's one from Irwyn:

Thanks for this detailed study. As you say in the article, "More research is needed to confirm the results of the study, and every CrossFit box is a lab." I see it more as providing info to help us understand nutrition and fitness better, than the final word on the matter.

I personally lost 45 lbs and improved my fitness last year by following the Zone plan. That was before CrossFit or Paleo. I joined CrossFit BWI early this year and participated in a 60 day Paleo challenge. I've been a type 2 diabetic for 18 years. My blood work showed significant improvement while on the Zone plan. However, 30 days into the Paleo challenge I was able to stop taking my diabetic medication. I saw my endocrinologist after three months on Paleo with no meds and my blood test results were better than they were on Zone with meds. She affirmed that I don't need to take the medication anymore, and just continue with my current fitness and nutrition lifestyle. That impact was even more significant than the performance gains realized during the challenge.

So, for me, this study confirms what I've experienced personally when combining Paleo eating with CrossFit exercise.

That's so great to hear!

And this one from Dane echoes my thoughts exactly! Maybe I could hire him to be my PR guy??
Amy makes a good point that sometimes you are forced to make the choice to do something good now or to wait (possibly forever) to do something even better.

90% Paleo with a few dropouts is better than 100% Paleo with only a few finishers.

A pilot study that lacks a control group is better than no study at all.

A limited, single-center trial that wakes interest and paves the way for more complete work in the future is better than just not doing it because you can't do it perfectly.

Yesterday's WOD:

Squat 1-1-1-1-1

125-135-145-sort of fell apart past this point...


AMRAP in 12:00 of:

2 muscle-ups (sub 4 burpee-pull-ups)
8 KB swings 16kg

I got 6 rounds plus 4 burpee-pull-ups. Felt pretty good on this one, although I tripped over the box on my first burpee-pull-up! Nothing like a box mishap to get me cursing like a sailor. The handstand work I've been doing each day has paid off - handstand push-ups went quite well for the first few rounds, the movement didn't get shallow till the end. It feels good to make improvement on something I've struggled with so much.

The squats were a little weird, bailed at the bottom for 155#, then just could not for the life of me get my body to do it again. I'd dip just a little then come right back up. Oh well, mental blocks happen. I was mad at myself, but the good thing is I moved on and didn't have a meltdown.

Some knitting stuff

Making progress on my log cabin blanket. It's getting big!

The new Knitty is up - woo hoo! At a very quick first glance I like
This gorgeous snapshot of wound yarn from the Tangled Yarns blog just makes me want to cast on a burgundy lace project RIGHT NOW.

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