Monday, September 27, 2010

Post-workout nutrition, and FGB 2010

The FCF Fight Gone Bad crew. Love the pose, Megan! And Robbie's playin' it cool in the back row there.

Fight Gone Bad was a lot of fun and just a few of us raised over eleven hundred dollars for some great charities, supporting cancer research and our men and women in uniform. Greg and Julie especially were fundraising rock stars. Plus it was great to see people pushing themselves to exhaustion and loving it. What a special kind of person it takes to do this crazy stuff! I got 199, not thrilled with that score, but we had to go to the 10' target on wall balls this year, and I missed the target on a ton of them!

Also, congrats to ex-pats and friends Sid and Tracy on their FGB first places over Roots! (Picture shamelessly stolen from the Roots page). Awesome, guys! Love you and proud of you.

Post-workout nutrition

Last week I promised you a treatise on post-workout nutrition. I've been playing with this a bit, and combined with the mobility work we've been doing, I'm finding I have much, much better muscle recovery and way less soreness in both my joints and muscles.

There are two parts to the post-workout nutrition deal: protein and carbs.
  1. Protein. This is the most important part. Get yourself some lean protein, and eat it as soon after the workout as you can. For me, this can be up to an hour because I get pretty sick to my stomach for a while after a WOD! Adrenaline issues... Anyway, jerky is a great option, especially if you make your own or get a good paleo-approved kind. Or you can just pack a little extra meat in your lunch, or you can divvy out 2 oz portions of a roast and sit on the couch after the WOD and snarf it down (like Mike does). This last approach will get you a few questions or odd looks, just sayin'.
  2. Carbs. If you're trying to lean out, don't worry about eating post-workout carbs unless you're really struggling with recovery. But if you're already pretty lean and trying to dial your performance, add some carbs to your post-workout protein. Why? When you work out hard, your muscle glycogen (the fuel in your muscles) gets depleted. Recovery involves replenishment of that glycogen. You also have glycogen in your liver. A carb is not a carb, necessarily. Glucose replenishes glycogen stores in the muscles, and fructose replenishes glycogen stores in the liver. If you're just doing your usual one a day WOD, the key is to replenish muscle glycogen, so eat glucose. Good options are sweet potato or squash, or coconut juice/water (as long as it's not sweetened with sucrose or fructose). If you're doing multiple workouts a day (like for the Open), you want to replenish both muscle and liver glycogen. White grape juice has a mix of glucose and fructose, so it's a good option. Or you can just go with one of the above glucose options and some fruit.
Today's WOD:

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1



AMRAP in 10:00 of:

6 squat cleans 55#
12 pull-ups
24 double unders

I got 3 rounds plus 4 squat cleans. Having some trouble stringing together pull-ups, so I need to work on that this week before warm-ups. I was able to string together the squat cleans, and the double unders felt pretty good too. Well, they hurt, actually, but my form on them is getting way better and I'm no longer landing like a drunk moose.


Finally I'll end with some knitting. Remember that sneak peek from last week? Here's a more thorough picture (although the colors are much more accurate in the sneak peek):
It was a birthday gift for Rosanne! You may recognize that name from the comments... Color change scarf pattern from the Purl Bee, recently blogged about here, in a multi-colored rayon I bought at Gypsy Wools in Boulder. It doesn't show in the picture, but it's kind of shimmery and very drapey. And the ladder stitch is fun to weave your fingers through when you're bored or nervous. I have another skein of this yarn in a different colorway, and I like it so much I may make one for myself.

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rosanne said...

Hey Doc! Love, love my scarf! You did an amazing job on it. Thank you so much! Really enjoyed your post today. Thanks for all the great info.