Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to censoring, and a Saturday double WOD

I'm back to censoring. I shouldn't have written what I did about the workout on Thursday, and it's down now. I have no idea who's out there, who's reading, and most of the time this blogging thing feels like I'm just talking to myself. I forget that there ARE people (besides you, Mom and Joe) that are reading, and I forget that there are consequences for what I post. I feel really bad about what happened and I feel bad about putting it on the blog. As much as I felt very wronged on Thursday, I know that I was in no way blameless and now I regret the way I acted. I wish I could take it back. This isn't really an excuse, but I've been struggling with anxiety lately, and the evacuation and worry with the fire made me even more anxious and emotional, which probably clouded my judgment.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. Let's just move along to yesterday's double WOD, an evil concoction that Brian dreamed up.

Yesterday's Double WOD:

8 tabata intervals each of:

double unders
squat cleans 45#

Rest 2 minutes then:

1 x 800 m/rest 1:00
2 x 400 m/rest 0:45
4 x 200 m/rest 0:30
6 x 100 m/rest 0:15

My counts: 102-41-33. No idea what my times were on the sprints, but the shorter ones went WAY better than the longer ones. Got a terrible stitch on the second 400 and almost had to stop. I need to work on running form, maybe before warm-ups this week.

By the way, nothing to censor about this workout, I had a great time. I will approach tomorrow with the same attitude. And I'm hoping to go climbing tomorrow too - my climbing buddy, a retired professor in his 70s, just had a knee replacement a couple weeks ago and is already back on the wall! He's amazing and I can't wait to climb with him again.

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