Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday's WOD-plus:

Partner warm-up:

1. Each partner runs 200 m three times, alternating
2. Split 50 KB swings between 2 people
3. Split 50 wall balls between 2 people

then the WOD:

4 rounds for time of:

7 burpee/(over the) box jumps 12"
12 OHS 55#

My time: 7:06.

rest a couple minutes then

AMRAP in 4:00 clean and jerk 65#
I got 23 reps.

rest 3:00 then

sprint 400 m

That's a lot of stuff! We used the full hour. Also worked on muscle-ups. And Elizabeth got her first one. Yay Elizabeth! We couldn't quite capture it on film, but she had plenty of witnesses. I'm frustrated but inspired and I'm going to keep working on muscle-ups until I get one.

Frustration - that leads me to a topic that shows up here occasionally - emotions and training. CrossFit is not an emotional experience for everyone, but for some people, myself included, it is intensely emotional. Some of those hide it, but I do tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve at the gym. I'm not sure why. I think emotions from all parts of life tend to come out in workouts because it's the one time where I throw myself into something with 100 percent effort. I mean, how often do you really commit ALL of your effort to accomplishing a goal? You're usually holding a little back. Training is a situation where I feel vulnerable, not confident. I know there's not a single thing I'll do in the gym that will come easily. I've put myself out there, in terms of effort and risk, 4-5 times a week for almost two years now. It's no wonder that pushes me to a breaking point every once in a while.

Anyway, I don't feel bad about it. People who use "emotional" as a disparaging term are just kidding themselves. Emotions are a part of being human, and everyone experiences them in their own way. The most seemingly stoic or serene person still has plenty going on under the hood. An activity that can elicit great emotion (positive or negative) from you is playing an important role in your personal growth. That's why, even though I'm not always happy at the gym, I want to keep training. Avoiding negative experiences and emotions will only mean that I don't continue to grow and learn. Negativity is inevitable anyway. It's just important that the negativity doesn't come from me, that I start from a positive place and bring that energy to what I do.



Rockin Chizel said...

That recipe for the Chicken Bacon peppers looks really bomb. Will be trying that. Also, made my donation to FGB today, hopefully I can win the drawing and get some knitted goods.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the donation! Yeah, if you wrap bacon around anything it's good, but hot peppers are my weakness! I might be making some version of those poppers for the FCF picnic next week.