Saturday, August 7, 2010

A story in pictures

A story in pictures

Our neighbors ordered a small bus to bring guests to their party. The company sent a limo instead. The Escalade version of course. Yes, the driver did manage to get it turned around and head back down the mountain.

Sid's last class

This morning was Sid's last class, and the workout was inspired. The WOD:

Part 1: Row 1700/1400 m (7:00 cutoff)

rest 1:00

Part 2: AMRAP in 7:00:
6 burpee stick jumps
12 goblet squats

rest 1:00

Part 3: 4 rounds for time of: (7:00 cutoff)
7 squat snatches 75/55#
14 toes to bar

I skipped the row and just did parts 2 and 3. (5.5 rounds on Part 2 and 2 rounds and change on Part 3). Even without the row, it was tough! We had 17 people show up, and we all had a great time cheering each other on across the heats.

Sid is a talented athlete and coach and a great guy, and all of us at Flatirons will miss him! But he's awfully young, and he has a lot of life to explore. My sincere best wishes go out to you, Sid, and I'm sure you'll excel in all you do. Stay in touch!

I'll end with a couple of pictures of Mike doing Part 3:

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