Monday, August 16, 2010

A really long WOD and progress on the log cabin

Fun at the FCF picnic Saturday

Today's WOD:

2:00 of double unders for reps then in 8:00 establish a max clean and jerk

Rest 3:00 and then

30 deadlifts 115#
20 - 20" box jumps
30 pull-ups
20 squat cleans 65#
30 push-ups
20 toes to bar

I got 67 double unders, 105# clean and jerk, and 16:11 on the rest. Today it just felt like my coordination (what little I have) up and left me. Even the light squat cleans just felt awkward. But no matter, I got through it anyway.


More progress on my log cabin blanket:

I'm getting close to half finished. It's a whole lotta garter stitch. I love how geometric it is! This one is for a gift so I kept the color scheme pretty neutral, but someday I might make one for myself with a brighter palette.


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rosanne said...

Nice picture of Regan and I!