Monday, August 23, 2010

OHS and burpees

Today's WOD:

2 rounds of:
1:00 each arm KB snatch 12 kg (no putting the bell down)


21-15-9 reps of:

OHS 55#

My time: 6:39. That's my kind of workout - I love overhead squats! I did the 21 unbroken, broke the 15 into 9-6, and did the 9 unbroken. I hope they have them in the Open. I am so out of practice at KB snatches though! Also continuing to work on my handstand before class - got a couple of good ones today.

Oh, I thought this workout seemed familiar. I did it as a travel WOD in Miami last month. Except then it took me 7:14 with a 45# bar. It really makes a difference to have other people there to push you!


Just so you know it's not all log cabin all the time - I made this yesterday as a break from the blanket that never ends:

This is a small chevron stripe dish towel in lovely avocado green and white cotton. I think it looks like a grandma dishtowel from the seventies. I may have blankets on the brain, because I think some variation of this could make an awesome retro-looking blanket. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Nice job! One handed kb snatches are no favorite of mine, but to be fair I've only done them once (not at FCF). So maybe Tim will square me away so I won't let the kb smash into my wrists. I suspect I'll like those a lot more once I learn that.

I like the dishcloth/blanket prototype, especially the cream-colored chevron stripe next to the white. I love subtle design like that.

Amy said...

I think there's a certain amount of wrist smashing in the learning process, unfortunately. But Tim is really good at teaching the kettlebell movements. Hope it went well! If you hate these, wait till you try double KB snatches. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, can't wait for those!

Wrists are definitely sore, but at least I felt like I understood how to do them right. (Now I just have to do those things!) Tim; he rocks.